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Wood Pellet Burner
Material: Wood pellets
Pellet Size: /
Power: 1.1-5.5 kw
Capacity: /
Gurantee: 2 years
Application: Mainly used for industrial boiler heating in electricity power plant,etc.

Wood Pellet Burner Introduction
The wood pellet burner is a new type of biomass combustion device adopting the wood pellets as the fuel. It is a systematized equipment which can substitute the traditional fuel (coal, gas or oil) to provide heat sources for boilers or drying machines by taking use of the energy conversion in biomass pellets.
Wood Pellet Burner Features and Benefits
★Energy-efficient: the wood pellet burner takes biomass pellets as the energy source, the cost is decreased by 30%-60% compared to the fuel oil or gas.
★High thermal efficiency: adopt half-gasification burning and tangent swirl-flow type air distribution design, the combustion ratio can reach higher than 96%.
★Stable and reliable running: the pellet burner is running under micro positive pressure, which can avoid tempering or blow-off state.
★Low carbon and environmental protection: the biomass pellet burning is with low emissions of smoke, dust, sulfur nitrogen and no emission of carbon dioxide; measured up to the emission standard of air pollutants.
★Labor Saving: the pellet burner is with automatic feeding design, easy to operate, one person can finish the operation.
★Hot water utilization: there are two types of biomass pellet burner, water-cooling type and air-cooling type. As for the water-cooling structure, it can generate hot water for life or industry use.

wood pellets for burning in wood pellet burner

Wood Pellet Burner Application
The biomass pellet burner is widely used in various heat energy industries, such as painting lines, electroplating, paper oven-dry, food drying, steam boiler, hot-water boiler, industry annealing furnace, stoving varnish equipment, asphalt heating equipment, die-casting aluminum, die-casting coppers and melting furnace etc.
Wood Pellet Burner Working Principle
The biomass pellets enter into the high temperature pyrolysis burning chamber through the auto-feeding system. And the gasification agent is supplied from the oven bottom. It generates high temperature gas by high temperature pyrolysis reaction in the burning chamber. Sensible heat and intermediate products including H2, CH4, CnHm and Co etc. is produced. The combustible material then enters the burning chamber through the gas nozzle and burns completely to release the latent heat.
Tips for Operating Wood Pellet Burner
◆ It is prohibited to open the upper or lower furnace door when biomass pellets burning in the furnace chamber.
◆Stop feeding biomass pellets ahead of 15 minutes and keep the blower running.
◆If there is material sticking condition, just use a crabstick to stab it; don’t use the iron wire or rebar.
◆There will be coking near the fire spraying nozzle after the biomass pellet burner burning for a period. The coking will influence the normal running. Check and remove the coking at fixed periods.
Wood Pellet Burner Technical Parameters

Model Heat Efficiency Voltage Fuel Consumption Blower Power Relevant Boiler Cooling Type
AMS-20-BF5.0 92%—95% 220V 55kg/hr     1.1kw  0.3ton  air-cooling
AMS-30-BF5.0 92%—95% 220V 78kg/hr     1.1kw  0.5ton  air-cooling
AMS-45-BF5.0 92%—95% 220V 120kg/hr  1.5kw  0.75ton  air-cooling
AMS-60-BF5.0 92%—95% 380V 142kg/hr  2.2kw  1ton  water-cooling
AMS-90-BF5.0 92%—95% 380V 215kg/hr  3kw  1.5ton  water-cooling
AMS-120-BF5.0 92%—95% 380V 300kg/hr  3kw  2ton  water-cooling
AMS-180-BF5.0 92%—95% 380V 470kg/hr  5.5kw  3ton  water-cooling
AMS-240-BF5.0 92%—95% 380V 600kg/hr  5.5kw  4ton  water-cooling


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