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Wood Powder Machine
Material: wood scraps, sawdust, wood shavings, bamboo, nut shells, cotton stalks, barks, rice husks
Pellet Size: 20-325 mesh
Power: 7.5-145 Kw
Capacity: 30-400 kg/h
Gurantee: 2 years
Application: Furniture industry, building material industry, papermaking industry, chemical industry,etc.

Wood Powder Machine
Wood powder machine is a kind of hammer mill, which mainly makes use of the blade cutting and airflow impacting to crush various raw materials with moisture lower than 6% and required size into powder or fine particles. It is an advanced wood crushing equipment.
Wood Power Machine Application

wood  powder machine application

◆The wood powder machine has a wide crushing scope. It is mainly used to crush raw materials with medium-hardness, such as wood scraps, sawdust, wood shavings, bamboo, nut shells, cotton stalks, barks, rice husks, corncobs, Chinese herbal medicine, regenerated rubber, rigid foam and vegetable fibers etc.
◆The manufactured products processed by wood powder machines can be widely used in furniture industry, building material industry, papermaking industry, feed industry, food industry, medicine industry and chemical industry etc.
Wood Powder Machine Features and Advantages
★High working speed: the wood powder machine is with high speed of at least 2900r/min.
★Scientific crushing principle: the machine adopts principles of high-speed impact, sharp cutting, interval grinding and flowing grinding to get fine crushing effect.
★Advanced design: the wood powder machine can decrease labor cost, power consumption and noise; it can also improve the production efficiency and running stability.
★Adjustable fineness: the fineness can be adjusted between 20 meshes and 325meshes.
★Reasonable and compact structure: the whole equipment is consisted of main machine, fan, powder collector and dust remover etc. It is safe and convenient to operate.
Wood Powder Machine Technical Parameters

Model AMS-500 AMS-800 AMS-900
Capacity 30-200 kg/h 150-300 kg/h 250-400 kg/h
Power 11-18.5Kw 22-30Kw    45-55Kw
Rotating Speed 3600r/min 3300r/min 2900r/min
Blade Quantity 36Pcs 72Pcs 96Pcs
Fineness 40-200mesh 40-230mesh 40-325mesh
Raw Material Size <30-35mm <30-40mm <40-50mm
Raw Material Moisture <6% <6% <6%
Weight 1600Kg 2600Kg 3800Kg
Dimension 4.6*1.8*3.5m 7*2.5*4.3m 7*2.8*4.3m
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Product Name: Wood Powder Machine
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