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Wood Chipper Shredder
Material: Wood logs/square logs with diameter from 200-350 mm/wood branches
Pellet Size: Length 15-25mm/thickness 2-3mm
Power: 30/37/75/90 kw
Capacity: 3-16 t/h
Gurantee: 2 years
Application: Process wood logs or tree branches into 20mm-40mm wood chips for wood pellet plants
Get to Know Wood Chipper
Wood chipper is born to process wood logs or tree branches into 20mm-40mm wood chips for various wood products industries and plants. Known as wood cutting machine, it belongs to wood processing equipment series.Wood chipping machine is widely applied to wood pellets, textile, papermaking,slurrying and wood-based panel industries.It has no special requirements on raw materials and thus can process wood logs, peeled undersized tree branches,bamboo,slab material and fallen trees.

Wood Chipper Shredder Classifications
Wood chipper machine contains two types which are fixed wood chipper and mobile wood chipper. The fixed type is mainly used in plants or factories, while the mobile one for forest zone. Based on different configuration structures of working parts, wood chipper can be classified into drum wood chipper and disc wood chipper; Oblique feeding wood chipper and flat feeding wood chipper are also two different types due to feeding styles.
Wood Chipper Machine Inner Structure
Our wood chipper is designed in disc type and oblique feeding. This series wood chipper consists of engine base, chipper disc,feed inlet,cutter blade,dead knife,cutter cover,electric controlling system, etc. Customized wood chippers and spare parts are allowed and wood chips of different sizes and depth are offered.
Why Our Wood Chipper
Disc type oblique feeding wood chipper has three types according to blades amount and among them, the spiral blades wood chipper is most polular because wood materials surface can touch blades completely to get uniform wood chips. Our wood chipper can produce uniform wood chips length with the least chipper disc wear-out, and high acceptance rate of 97%.

wood chipper shredder structurer

Wood Chipper Features
1. Adjustable power engine, optional conveying system and feeding style; various choices.
2. Compact structure, reasonable design,easy to operate and maintain.
3. Large chipping capacity, wood chips length can be freely adjusted.
4. Wear-resisting materials for mat, high quality steels for dead knife and blades.
Wood Chipper Shredder Growing Trend
With wood chipper being used in more and more wood product fields, it has been continuously improved to satisfy different industries. It is reported that wood chipper manufacturers throughtout the world have paid more attention to improve wood chipping structure, the quality of chipping blades and assembling so that extend blade service life.

wood chipper shredder makes wood  logs into uniform wood chips

How Does a Wood Chipper Work
On the frontage of chipper disc, there are grooves assigned for installing cutting blades. Wedge-shape adjusting blocks are filled at the bottom of blades to adjust their length outside, while behind blades are adjustable mats for regulating compensation length of worn blades. Along the direction of blades, there are interconnected gaps for the cut wood chips turning to the other side of chipper disc. Outside of disc are evenly deployed blades which can create air to blow wood chips out. After screening, large wood materials re-enter wood chipper for a second time chipping. Wood chips has uniform length.

Disc Type Wood Chipper Technical Data

Model XP-800 XP-950 XP-1100 XP-1210 XP-1410
Cutter Diameter 800mm 950mm 1100mm 1210mm 1410mm
Cutter Speed 960 r/min 960 r/min 960 r/min 960 r/min 960 r/min
Blade NO. 4 4 4 4 4
FeedingSyle oblique feeding oblique feeding oblique feeding oblique feeding oblique feeding
Capacity 3-6 t/h 6-8 t/h 8-10 t/h 10-13 t/h 13-16 t/h
Power 30 kw 37 kw 37 kw 75 kw 90 kw
Cutting Max Diameter 20cm 25cm 30cm 35cm 35cm


Wood Chipping Working Video

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