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Amisy Machinery are committed to making all types of biomass wastes into green,affordable and renewable energy.
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100-350kg/h Wood Pellet Plant
Material: soft biomass materials like groundnut shell, sugarcane biogases, nut shells,etc
Pellet Size: pellet size:6-12mm
Power: 15/22/30kw
Capacity: 100-350
Gurantee: 1 year
Application: Specially desgined for home use biomass pellets production.

Introduction to Hammer Mill Combined Biomass Wood Pellet Mill
The combined unit of wood hammer mill and wood pellet mill can also be said to a simple wood pellet line for home use biomass pellets production if the material moisture content is just about 13-15%. For making biomass pellet for fireplace or stove use, we usually do not need to equip a pellet cooler or a pellet packing machine, for these auxiliary equipment can increase your cost. What’s more, for the whole pellet making process, the combined main parts of pellet mill and hammer mill can totally have a good performance. It is smooth working flowchart: after material crushed by the wood hammer mill, they will drop automatically into the wood pelletzing chamber by the force of cyclone.

wood pellet materials

wood pellets

wood pellet stove

Small Homemade Wood Pellet Line Features
1. We supply three unit of small wood pellet line, the capacity is respectively: 100-150kg/h, 200-250kg/h, 250-350kg/h.
2. The movable wood pellet plant required little land space, as the dimensions of three units is respectively: 1.6*1.45*1.8m, 1.75*1.6*1.9m, 1.8*1.65*1.9m.
3. One motor to drive, thus the consumption of the power is lower than the total power consumption of pellet machine and hammer mill
4. Wood pellet mill is equipped with reducer which can save energy and ensure reliable function.
5. 24/7 continuous working.
6. We can make perfect turnkey design according to your materials and workshop.
7. Suitable for process soft biomass materials like groundnut shell, sugarcane biogases, nut shells, crop stalk, saw dust, coffee husk, paddy straw, sunflower stalk, cotton stalks, tobacco waste, mustard stalk, palm husk, soybeans husk and many other Agro wastes.
★ The material moisture should be about 10 % - 13%, or else you should dry them in the sun before putting them into the wood hammer mill.
★ If you need a little larger wood pellet plant, our hot sale 400---600kg/h wood pellet line maybe your choice. Besides, we can also customize wood pellet production lines from 1-10t/h. Welcome Your Inquiry !

 AMSPH-200 small pellet line


 AMSPH-250 wood pellet line


 AMSPH-300 movable wood pellet plant


Specifications of Combined Wood Pellet Mill and Wood Hammer Mill



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Product Name: 100-350kg/h Wood Pellet Plant
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