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renewable energyOur mission is to create a more renewable energy future by manufacturing top quality wood pellet machinery under the most sustainable criteria. We can customize solutions to making wood pellets for your own home heating or commercial use. Installation and free technical support are available.

Amisy Machinery are committed to making all types of biomass wastes into green,affordable and renewable energy.
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  • Wood Pellet Market in UK

    Wood Pellet Market in UK

    Wood pellets, as the most common renewable energy, are used as co-fire in the power station in UK. Our wood pellet machines will help you to seek opportunity in UK wood pellet market.

  • French Wood Pellet Market

    French Wood Pellet Market

    With abundance raw materials for making wood pellets, France has advantages for producing wood pellets. However, with little favorable polices and support on wood pellet producing, French wood pellet market developed slowly in the past years.

  • An Analysis of Wood Pellets Market in Russia

    An Analysis of Wood Pellets Market in Russia

    Before starting an investment on wood pellet production, you should have a clear understand of the the wood pellet market. For wood pellet plants in Russia, they supply best wood pellets at competitive price for exporting.

  • US Wood Pellet Market

    US Wood Pellet Market

    As both major wood pellets producer and consumer, US wood pellet market is experiencing a blossoming. To meet the demand of the market, our wood pellets making machines will be of great help.

  • Swedish Wood Pellets Market

    Swedish Wood Pellets Market

    With high wood pellet production and consumption, the potential wood pellets market in Sweden is still vast, our company will offer comprehensive wood pellets making machine information for you to make high quality wood pellets.

  • Canada Wood Pellet Market

    Canada Wood Pellet Market

    As a major wood pellets exporter, Canada has vast wood pellets market both in domestic market and foreign markets. To meet the demanding of Canadian wood pellets, our wood pellet mills will be your best choice.

  • How to Control Water Content of Wood Pellet Raw Materials

    How to Control Water Content of Wood Pellet Raw Materials

    Wood pellet mill is a specialized machine to produce wood pellet.To well control the water content of raw materials is critical for producing high quality wood pellets.As Professional manufacturer of wood pellet mill,we are glad to give you reasonabl

  • How to Make Full Use of Biomass Wastes

    How to Make Full Use of Biomass Wastes

    Biomass wastes are a kind of recyclable energy.Many biomass wastes can be fully used after processing,such as agricultural residues,wood wastes and forestry residues all can be made into wood pellets.